Gurpreet Kalsi

Makeup | Hair | Henna

With 10 years of henna artistry experience behind her, Gurpreet has perfected a pure and natural recipe, providing only the best in colour result and quality for all clients. With the success of her henna career as G Mendhi Artist and having always wanting to fullfil her dream as a hair and makeup artist, it was in late 2013 when she decided to relaunch her brand in 2014.

Coming from a photographic and fashion background, Gurpreet is able to understand the attention to detail required for any look and can easily fullfil what's asked of her. Her calm and laid back nature makes any client feel at ease whilst at the same time maintaining control of all situations. Gurpreet is a creative and talented artist and her ability to adapt has enabled her to cater to a broad spectrum of clients and is always up for a challenge.

Understanding the requirements of a client is only part of the process, Gurpreet also understands the need for them to be able to express their individuality and personality and to feel completely unique, no matter what the occasion. Gurpreet prides herself on customer service and is always at hand to fullfil the consultation period for any of her clients.